Rant: The issue as I see it.

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Rant: The issue as I see it.

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A GTX 1070 with a 2500K will net you MIN 55+ FPS on almost every gaming title available @1080p high or in most cases, ultra settings.
Want more? That leaves either 120/144/165Hz monitor gaming and/or 2K/4K gaming. Want to play 144Hz @2K? Oh you gotta get Nsync please drop $700 for a new 27" monitor, not to mention $1000+ for a 1080Ti.
Am I crazy, or does a new build, PLUS the aforementioned $1,700 just make it not worth it?
This rant was inspired by Ryzen 2. Want to upgrade. Realized my real world gaming difference will be minimal (none?) unless I build new entirely.... Now I'm sure 2k gaming @144Hz is amazing.... but $2,300+ amazing? Not for me.... and heck in truth I can forgo the new system, it's the GPU and monitor that's going to make that attainable. Oh sure I'll miss out on NVME and USB 3.1 Gen2..... whoop-tee freak'in dah.

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