Museums/Institutes/Experts on soil, erosion, ecology?

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Museums/Institutes/Experts on soil, erosion, ecology?

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My minimal reading on Iceland indicates that while it is one of the most sparsely populated parts of Europe, it also has an important history of human-led ecological impact - ancient agriculture and grazing practices leading to soil erosion, and deforestation, followed in modern times by some of the most enlightened and deliberate ecological practices for topsoil conservation in the world. This seems like a fascinating story -- envisioning the story of Iceland from its ancient, forested times to the present would help a visitor better understand the place. Are there any museums that would explain this story to an English-speaking visitor? Any ideas on finding a local guide with a history-of-agriculture/ecology/anthropology background who might be able to better explain the geology / glaciation / human impacts of Iceland to an interested but inexpert audience? Any recommended reading to better understand the landscapes we will be seeing?
Please help.

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