BLMC - Brushless Motor Controller

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BLMC - Brushless Motor Controller

#1 Příspěvek od lyn_x » 29 zář 2010 18:04

Bacause it is common convention to document software projects in english and this project is registered in Armadeus contest(so it has to be documented in english) and also everyone who wants to understand computer programming should know english well nowadays, this project will be documented in english as the primary language. Esperanto and czech will possibly follow.

Brushless Motor Controler is a sowftware and hardware project dedicated, as the name suggests, to controlling brushless motors.
Brushless motors are electric motors used widely e.g. in aicraft models, but are spreading more and more into other areas.

Some of their advantages are

1. no sparks on brushes, allowing use in environments where flammable vapors or gasses may occur
2. no wear of brushes, allowing long maintenance-free life
3. linear voltage-to-speed dependency
4. linear current-to-torque dependency
5. ability of quite precise position measurement, allowing use as a servodrive

Disadvantages are

1. need for a controller, leading to a higher initial cost
2. need for a fast power-switching units(IGBTs, MOSFETs ...), leading to a higher initial cost and possibly higher electromagnetic emmissions

Also the two 1kW motors used in the rear wheel of LV are sealed brushless motors.


Current status:

Basic hardware configuration proven. Crude software control working.

To do:

1. hardcoded switching units fine timing and latency compensation
2. crude energy recuperation and braking ability (ability to connect motor in right phase to a lower voltage energy storage or a dissipating resistor)
3. variable pulse-width modulation base frequency
4. smooth slow motion by smooth phase voltage interpolation (important for servo drives)
5. motor position measurement and manufacturing impreciseness compensation

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BLMC Brushless Motor Controller

#2 Příspěvek od MichaelBak » 27 črc 2018 05:56

I have a brand new Novak 17.5 motor and speed controller for sale. Its brand new in the package. I just dont have a short course anymore. Its brand new and never been used. If Interested let me know. 601-519-5623


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